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Cartoon animal
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Cartoon Animal Hand Puppet Toys Classic Kawaii Children Hand Puppets Novelty Cute Dog Giraffe Monkey Lion Muppet Kids White/11cm-30cm

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NathaloshkaNov 6, So "зверушки" is totally normal used to all cartoon animals, especially to small cute ones. Cartoon animal did a search with Мультипликационные животные and it came up with this, among other results: Moscow, Russia Russian. Share This Page Tweet. Однако, в мое время, "мультяшка" cartoon animal это было просто слово для "мультфильма".

Cartoon animals

Вот, набрал "мультяшки" и нашел на госсайте: Show Ignored Content. No, create an account now. Colloquial "звери", when cartoon animal literally not figurativelymeans "animals", and this is how most people use it.